Since our launch, we’ve had one goal in mind and that is to simplify the minefield of financial trading to make it accessible to all.  We dream of balancing the books by putting the power to create financial freedom into the hands of everyone. Our team scours the world and investigates all the online platforms available so that you can have the confidence that by getting involved with investing you have the best chance possible to succeed.

Our millions of users regularly visit us from around the world and are from all aspects of society. Some of them use our trading guides to learn more about money and investing, while others are now experienced and successful investors who use our breaking news to stay ahead of the curve and maximise any first-mover advantage they find from our information.

No matter who you are, we want you to win and get the financial freedom you deserve which is why we only recommend the best brokers and services.

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Our mission is to simplify the minefield of financial trading information and recommend only the best apps and trading platforms so that our readers have the confidence to manage their investment portfolios. Our aim is to ensure that all items on are empowering, true, accurate and inclusive.

Our editorial team constantly evaluates new and existing articles across the site to identify any information that is not correct at that point or is know to be out of date.

All content is reviewed and updated as required through a network of experienced analysts and experts who uphold our processes and editorial values.

Our editorial team approves content ideas independently and all “experts” have deep expertise on the subject matter.  The team of professional fact-checkers also review all content to ensure it upholds our values.

All staff are responsible for disclosing any potential conflicts of interest.

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